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TCAT-McKenzie Schedule:

TCAT McKenzie's Fall Trimester will now be on a modified schedule starting November 23rd, 2020. Students will be working on a modified schedule to reduce the risk of exposure and practice safe social distancing measures. For any questions concerning your schedule, please contact your instructor.

All employees, students and visitors will be required to wear a facemask while on campus.


All employees and students will be required to report any personal illness and any exposure to positive cases of Covid-19.

Questions concerning health and well being of students, staff and faculty attending TCAT McKenzie - COVID-19 Form


There can be NO congregating in the break room or smoking areas. The smoking areas will be closed until further notice.

TCAT McKenzie has implemented a cleaning/disinfecting practice to sanitize frequently touched surfaces every 2 hours. And workstations will be at least 6 feet apart.

We request our Employees and Students to continue healthy hygiene and handwashing as this is critical to keep the virus from spreading.

These rules and regulations are subject to change as the pandemic evolves.