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Tennessee Board of Regents Senior Staff

Flora W. Tydings, Chancellor

Mike Batson, Chief Audit Executive

Russ Deaton, Executive Vice Chancellor for Policy and Strategy & Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Danny Gibbs, Vice Chancellor of Business and Finance

Brian Lapps, General Counsel

Heidi Leming, Vice Chancellor for Student Success

Rick Locker, Communications Director

Sonja Mason, Board Secretary

Kimberly McCormick, Vice Chancellor for External Affairs

Wendy Thompson, Vice Chancellor Organizational Effectiveness

Tennessee Board of Regents Board Members


The Honorable Bill Lee Governor
MaryLou Apple 6th Congressional District
Miles A. Burdine 1st Congressional District
William T. McElyea Student Regent
Gregory Duckett 9th Congressional District
Mark Gill At-Large, Middle Tennessee
Kenneth Goldsmith Faculty Regent
Yolanda S. Greene 4th Congressional District
Weston Wamp 3rd Congressional District
Joey Hatch 7th Congressional District
Charles Hatcher Ex-Officio Regent, Commissioner of Agriculture
Emily House Ex-Officio Regent, Interim Executive Director THEC
Robert Pepper Faculty Regent
Barbara U. Prescott 8th Congressional District
Emily J. Reynolds Vice Chair
Penny Schwinn Ex-Officio Regent, Commissioner of Education
Mark George At-Large, West Tennessee
Danni B. Varlan 2nd Congressional District
Thomas A. H. White At Large, East Tennessee